Monday, 17 September 2007

Chocolate cake, whisky, wine and chips!

Spoke to Kim and the children today. When Russ found out it was our 11th wedding anniversary he got the sherpas to make a chocolate cake. We all had red wine with our meal and a shot of whisky over the cake and everyone toasted us on our 11 years of marrage. First alcohol on 10 days. Very nice and a bit of fun and a lot of what Russ does is to try and keep spirits up and everyone focused on the hard work ahead of us.
Food has been very good at camp. Yak burgers, steak, lots of soups, eggs, lots of spam, various home made breads and tinned fruits. Most of this would not fill me with excitement back in London but up here it is very very good. We also had chips the other day!

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