Monday, 8 June 2009

The final post for this adventure

This will be my last posting for this adventure. Thank you for all the comments that have been left and please do not underestimate how much they all helped. I hope to see you all soon and maybe sink the odd beer or two.

I started with a photo of us in the plane from Kathmandu so I thought it appropriate to end with the plane back again.

A great summit party was had by all in the White Pod. This time there were no broken bones although the hangovers at altitude are from hell!

Some of the wonderful Sherpas who work tirelessly carry loads for up to 3 months and then climb with us on summit day. Always happy and smiling, never seeming to tire or feel pain these people make the dream possible.

Just as we are about to leave Base Camp the weather decides to have the last laugh. About 50cm of snow meant that we all had to dig ourselves out of our tents before we left.