Monday, 22 October 2007

Back in the UK - final post for Cho Oyo

A little later than I had hoped but here are a final few comments.

A number of people did attempt to go back up the mountain the day we left for Base Camp but were beaten back by the weather again. This time they did not even make it to camp 1 before they had to return to ABC.

The climbing season on Cho Oyo has reputably been the worst for many years with only a handful of early climbers making the summit and most of these suffering in some way from frost bite. In normal years well over 100 people will make the summit.

Although I did not make the summit my main objective was to experience high altitude climbing in the Himalaya and to come back with all my fingers and toes. To that extent it was a success and allows me to better judge other possible climbs. I would however be lying if I did not say that I was a little disappointed to have had such bad weather that it was not possible to make an attempt on the summit.

First picture is of one of the docile Yaks that do most of the carrying up to ABC. The second is of safely back in Kathmandu having pizza and beer!