Sunday, 10 August 2008

Elbrus June 2008

After the postponement of the trip to Everest I decided I needed to use my new found fitness for something. After discussing various options with Kim I decided on Elbrus (5642m) which is officially the highest mountain in Europe and is on the Russian / Georgian boarder. I approached my good friend and neighbour, Russell Brice, and a plan was made for a trip leaving at the end of May for 2 weeks.

Photo 1 shows Elbrus from the refuge. It is the left hand peak.

We had to dig down to find our toilet hut (photo 2) after is had been buried under snow.

We climbed on skis sometimes, and on foot at other times.

Until both Russ and I reached the summit.

The coming down was easier and the final walk home was positively hot!