Monday, 17 September 2007

Morning on the mountains

07:00 ABC. The Sherpas come round to all tents with a hot cup of sherpa tea. There is nearly always a dusting of snow first thing (outside and somehow inside the tent as well!) Typical temperatures have apparently been very mild at -4 to -10C at night.

09:00 Sunrise over Cho Oyo this morning.
I had my best night's sleep last night. I woke at 3:30am with a slight headache rather than one that felt as if it was going to split my head apart and it was gone but 4:45am. I was almost crying with joy that I might finally be past the worst of it.
The outline schedule for next week is currently
Monday 17th: Up to Camp 1 with final stuff (most of it now in tents up there). Spend night. (6400m)
Tuesday 18th: Camp 1 to Camp 2 with some equipment. Spend night at camp 2. (7100m)
Wednesday 19th: Camp 2 back to ABC for rest
Thur 20th and Fri 21st: Rest Days

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