Monday, 27 April 2009

The Khumbu Icefall

I am now enjoying a few rest days after sleeping near the summit of Lobuche. For those that like facts and figures here a few personal ones comparing my vital statistics between London, upon arrival at base camp and now.

Blood oxygen level 99+% / 80% / 85%
Heart rate 50 / 79 / 68
Weight 86.5kg / 83.5kg / 80kg
The next trip is likely to be up through the Khumbu Ice fall to camp 1 at 6,100m and then on to camp 2 at 6,500m. A large chunk of ice collapsed mid-week in the Khumbu Icefall while over 100 Sherpas were heading up to camp 2. No injuries were reported, but the route was blocked for most of the day. We will probably spend 2 nights at camp 2 before heading further up to camp 3 at 7,500m. I am expecting a very nasty and uncomfortable night at camp 3 from what everyone has told me, let's hope I am pleastantly surprised. After a night at camp 3 we will return to camp 2 for 1 or 2 more nights before returning to Base Camp. All being well we will then be in a position to wait for a weather window, strength and health to go for the summit. All plans can obviously change but it it is likely that the next posting will be after this aclimatisation trip and so not for another 8 or 9 days. Please keep the comments coming and I will try and reply to them as and when I can. (Particularly if they are from your school Harvey and Safia)

Paul and Linh : Thank you both for the stream of messages, I really appreciate the support and kind comments. Please keep it up.

Maggie and Francis (plus dogs): Hope you are both well and enjoyed your time in Chamonix. We do have one or two charactures that are begginning to fit the Epic Eddie mould - I will keep you posted.

Joe: Camera, charger and i-pods working well. Hope the new job is going well. If your kids want to ask any questions etc please let them, I try my best to answer them - no promises!

Sarah and Steve: Thanks for the comment. Glad to hear you had a good time in chamonix.

John: thanks for all the comments, please keep them coming. Have a great weekend with your new toy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR TODAY. Your an old git like me now!

Dover: Thanks for the comment and jokes.....they don't get any better! The easy part is done the hard part of this trip ie climbing Everest is about to begin. Fingers crossed.
I have already lost 6kg and have been eating like a horse!

Chris: Thanks for the comment. Keep them coming.


jdovell said...

Chris sounds like at camp 3 u will have as rough a night as i had last week when we all celebrated Danny mendoza's 40th...triple tequila with eight pints of Krone and a lost game of spoof ....result triple scotch to send me on my way....i don't thk it was altitude sickness !!! Harv and Saf loved the argo and we had many rides thro the woods/mud...i reckon it could get thro that icefield u mentioned !! look fwd to giving u a ride on it when u get climbing and remember ...listen to Russ !!Brother-john - NB thx for pressie balloon -ride

Linh said...

And what are the statistics on your Sanity? ;o) :o)

Carry on staying strong as Paul's very much looking forward to you and Spraggsy possbily coming over for his 40th. I'm all ready to throw a pool party, have the DJ in mind I'm ready to book. He says he doesn't want anything like that, wants something low key in Dallas. And then he tells me about Vegas...very low key. Well, as long as he gets to hang out with you and others, I don't care where. So go ahead and torture yourself some more and keep safe. Sounds like you have a few belated celebrations waiting for you.
Still cheering and chanting for you daily. x

dean.dorrell said...

Chris - keep on eating and drinking! You've always been very good at that!

You are right - the hard part starts now.... I'm absolutely sure you are up to it .... you know that physically you've done all the work, you just need to keep that focus and determination going. Just make sure you don't have to go back another time! With Russ you are with the best guy possible to get you up the hill - all down to those legs now!

Good luck - especially with the weather.

Paul M said...

Good luck Chris, the next few days sounds like the hard part is about to start.. Luckily for me I would have turned back at that bloody rickety bridge weeks ago! For others reading this, this guy is climbing with Chris and has good pictures and blog to go with Chris's excellent write up.
Keep up the good work.. Paul

Tamsin Dovell said...

YooHoo! Finally I've managed to get this blogging thing in action...I'm a bit slow, and for some reason my google account kept deactivating or something.... Hope you are surviving the Khumbu and keeping up your strength. I got a lovely email form Kim the other day updating me a bit more, and it sounds like all is looking good....Feeling a it 'chilly' here in Sydney as we've finally said goodbye to the warm weather, but all relative I suppose, as not a patch on how chilly you must be!!! Brrrr.
Very excited to be Italy/ London bound in only about 6 weeks....
Good luck and Dr. Tam says "don't talk to any pigs, you don't want Swine flu at this stage of the game".
lots xxx

sean.ofarrell said...

You've lost 6kgs already??! Chris, I think you've stumbled across a lucrative business in the "weight-loss" sector. I look forward to writing the BP with you upon your return (over a sumptuous City lunch of course! Well, you'll need to get your strength back!)

Stay strong amigo and make it to the top.

Anne P Smith said...

You might be up at Camp 3 as I write - Brr! - you won't get your mother up there. Take great care and look forward to hearing about it on your descent. Saw all family last week for the 40th and had ride on Argo! You will LOVE it. Safi is looking v. gappy in her teeth! Children were great and wanted more and more rides on Argo.
Take great care, thinking of you. Love MUM

Paul M said...

Another good site with video if anyone is interested.. Looking forward to your next post Chris, from others sites it sounds amazing, really excited for you.

Russian space tourist next year?