Friday, 24 April 2009

Sleeping at the top of Lobuche

Just arrived back from another training climb to the top of Lobuche. This time we had to spend the night on the mountain to help with aclimatisation. We left Everest Base Camp on Wednesday to walk down to Lobuche Base Camp about 2hrs 40 and a decent of 450m, where upon arrival we had dinner around 6:30pm and settled ourselves down for an early night around 7pm. We woke at 5:30 had breakfast at 6:30 and left just after 7am for the summit a climb of around 1,100m. We arrived at Lobuche top camp around 11:30 and had some lunch. I then went back to the summit (went there 5 or 6 days ago but did not stay) with Chris Jones and Edward (the children's teddy mascot) to take some pictures. We then returned to our tents had supper around 6pm and I was asleep soon after 7pm. I woke a few times during the night but otherwise slept fairly well in spite of the high altitude. We got up around 5:30am and had some breakfast before heading down to Lobuche BC and then on up the hill to Everest BC which is where I am now. I now have a few days of rest before some more training climbs next week.
It is my brother John's 40th birthday on Monday. Thanks John for all your encouraging words on the blog and I am sorry I can't be with you this weekend. Best wishes from this far off land - happy birthday mate and I will raise a glass to you from the white pod bar!


1: Edward at top camp on Lobuche just outside my tent.
2: Top camp cut into the side of the hill. VERY EXPOSED! Turn right out of tent ok, turn left fall about 2km.
3: Summit ridge up from top camp to summit.
4 & 5 Me reaching the summit.
6: Look carefully......our camp is at the bottom of the picture.
7: Edward holding onto the summit flags on the summit.
8: Sunset on Everest taken from Lobuche top camp
9: Sun rise on Everest taken from Lobuche top camp


Anne P Smith said...

Managed to get chap at home (Sat) and Blizzard Protection Systems will send something out to Kathmandu. Will want report back. Their charity is Prostate Cancer which of course is one of your's.
Hope it gets out in time.
Tomorrow going over to see John for his birthday w/end and will see Kim, Harve and Saf. We will raise a glass to you.
Your training climbs appear to have gone well. Continue to keep safe, good luck and regards to Russ.
MUM xx

Colin said...

Great photos Chris keep them coming!

Mount Everest The British Story

Dover said...

Bear Grylls,

Breathtaking photos. Thought again of you this morninng as I was doing my regular Saturday Battersea Park run.

Climbing Joke of the Week -

You heard about the guy needing a new brain? Started looking at the samples sitting in their jars. How much for that one he asked. Oh, that one is 6 million. What! That is unbelievable, why so much? It was from a doctor who was very healthy, religious and moral. OK, then how much for that one over there? 2 million. I can't believe that , look, it has some flaky parts, shady and bruised. Well, that one is a fine specimen of a lawyer who made a decent living, only cheated on his wife, taxes and at cards. Well the man was beside himself. Finally he found a moth eaten, tattered little brain about the size of a walnut sitting in a jar of alcohol. How much for that one? 30 billion. Why? It is the worst example and in horrible shape! The Doctor looked at the man and said it came from a climber. So, why so much? The Doctor said, "Do you have any idea how many climbers we had to go through before we found one with a brain?" Peace, Ahabonook in Alaska

Why does the big climb begin?

As typing.. Debs mentioned something about some Ice Cliff collapse?? She sends her love by the way.

Be Strong!

Linh said...

That gnome dwarf thing in the Travelocity adverts have nothing on Edward! The pics are .... I simply have to use an American word here...AWESOME. It is great that you are aclimatizing well, obviously so with the blog and pics, keep them coming.
How cold is it actually and how cold does it actually feel??

jdovell said...

Hey Chris thx for call yesterday- great to hear from u- that was a cool present ! Sounds as though u are in top shape and the body is strong !Go easy up the icefield and send some more snaps when u r back at BC. Good luck with the sleep at camp 3...don't let Sa's/Harv's teddy get frostbite!!Now officially 40 +1 day...ouch i feel nearly as old as u...take care - brother-John..Nb I'll book the balloon ride when u get back in case u want to come [ although i know u are a little scared of heights !!!!]