Sunday, 10 May 2009

Fresh salmon at 5,400m

The last few days here have been fairly dull as the weather up high is not very good and therefore we have been forced to wait in BC for things to change (particularly the wind). Today we were issued with our oxygen regulators and masks and Russ exlained how they worked and how to use them. Unfortunately the weather forecasts look poor for another week or so and so we might have to wait quite a long time before we get to use them.

One very special thing that happened today - we had fresh Salmon for lunch!!!!!! David Tait, one of the climbers who summited for the 3rd time with the Sherpas putting in the fixed rope on Wednesday, chartered a helicopter from a little further down the valley to take him back to Kathmandu. Russ arranged for the helicopter to bring in some fresh Salmon. How amazing fresh Salmon at 5400m!

I attach 2 photos. the first shows Phuba, Russ's Sidar (most senior Sherpa), in the foreground and David Tait. Phuba has now climbed Everest 15 times and helped put in the fixed ropes to the top last Wednesday. David went with the fixing team and summitted with them. The cooks made a fantastic carrot cake to celebrate that evening!

The second photo is a couple of hours later when we were in the white pod celebrating. Russ and some of the senior Sherpas doing a traditional Sherpa dance.

Some messages back to you:

Nancy: Have passed on your best wishes
Mum and John: thanks for your continuing comments and support, please keep them coming.
Huw: Good to hear from you. I am looking forward to a couple of beers very soon after I get back!
Pete & Nikki: Thanks for comment. Doing well and the Bear is watching my back. C U when I return.


jdovell said...

Fresh salmon choppered in....chris things will have to change when u get home u know !! Think about a quick sainsbury's run ! personally i have my salmon line-caught in Scotland then choppered down to nutley !! Ha Ha ! Pity about the weather but hope the books are coming in useful...this Tate chap sounds like he's worth knowing...can he chopper u over the ice-field and perhaps to camp 3 !!? U can tell him i was 40 2 weeks ago...if he's feeling generous !! take care and good luck with weather window - brother-john

Anne P Smith said...

It sounds very scary. Not really good reading for Mums! Glad 2 were ultimately OK, if shaken, v. sad about the Sherpa. You didn't say if the "goodies" had arrived yet so presume they haven't. Perhaps being held up by the weather will give them a chance of getting through. Keep fit and don't become a couch potato whilst you are waiting! A few runs up local smaller mountains etc....! Lots love MUM

Anne P Smith said...

I am posting HAPPY BIRTHDAY message to you today just in case the weather lifts and you start climbing and don't get the message.
Sorry you won't be getting a card but I shall be raising a glass to you and thinking of you - mind you that is no different from most hours of most days at the moment!
Lots and lots of birthday love MUM

Mark Seaton said...

Sitting around doing sod all waiting for the weather window is what mountaineering is all about. I am a bit concerned about you and that Teddy.

Mark Seaton said...

I am a bit concerned about you and that Teddy Bear. You seem to be showing the first signs of madness. I would have a supp of that oxygen bottle if I were you.

pscott said...

A nice Montrachet flown in too I expect! A premature Happy Birthday for the 15th.

Pete, Nikki and the boys

Tamsin Dovell said...

Glad to hear you are safe..and eating salmon! Wow! ... but sorry to hear weather not so good...patience patience. 2 days until your 42nd birthday - hope you get a good sherap-style birthday cake! lots and lots love and thoughts and good Tam X