Tuesday, 19 May 2009

At Camp 3

A report from Adrian Ballinger - one of the Himex guides by satelite phone
Our adventurers are just settling down to sleep at Camp 3. 10 of our 11 climbers made it successfully to this 23,600ft altitude, taking between 4 and 7 hours to climb up from Camp 2. One of the team had stomach problems and is delaying, hoping to catch up with the rest shortly.
Tonight they start sucking on their supplementary oxygen, which will help their bodies keep warm and will give them more of a chance to get some restful sleep. At 5:30am May 20th local time — that’s about 4:45pm PST our May 19th — they will be up, starting on the next leg of the climb up to Camp 4 at the Col. They hope to arrive there around lunch time, giving themselves another opportunity for rest before a midnight start for the summit on May 21st.
Other news we have from Everest tells us that the weather today has been superb and over a hundred climbers attempted to summit today. This volume of climbers led to bottlenecks on some of the ropes, and some of the climbers are later coming back down from the summit than they intended. We hope this all turns out safely and we will continue to monitor their progress. Hopefully today and tomorrow will see most of the summit attempts by other teams, and our group will find the route less obstructed on the 21st.
More news just as soon as we get it!


Linh said...

Just read Adrian's report. As I write and from what I understand, in a little less than 6 hours you're off to Camp 4. Go Chris! Hope you are resting well now. P, L, J x

Dover said...

Think of that marvellous curry and lagers I ll buy you on your return. Remember one, actually no , two steps at a time and you will be on TOP OF THE WORLD. Go Bear!

All Best


Sanders said...

Hi Chris,

We have followed you progress to the roof of the world with great interest.

As I write this you will be on your way to the top. Please keep safe.

Alan Rosemary & the gang.

Anne P Smith said...

Hi Chris! I am looking forward to sleeping well myself! I seem to be climbing every inch with you all night long! Can't wait to hear you have made it and down safely.
Lots love MUM x

pscott said...

Getting sweaty palms just reading the blog! Not long to go - stay strong and safe return.

Catherine and Phil said...

You will be on the final push to the top as I write this. I will say a little prayer, to keep you safe and for you to realise your dream, when I go to bed tonight - havent done that for a long time! Cannot wait to hear your news Catherine and Phil xxxxxxxxx