Thursday, 30 August 2007

Count down to Cho Oyo

I finished my training with a 5 hour walk yesterday which included over 1000m of vertical. I feel as fit as I have ever done but whether this will be enough only time will tell. 3 days before I leave, time for some good food and quality time with the family.


Dean said...

Good luck Chris. I'm sure you are in great shape and Russell will give you the best possible chance of the summit.

Be safe.


Dover said...

Reasons why Dovey will make it
1. Stubborn twat
2. Has "tub" groomed over many a fine ale that will sustain him a year in mountains
3.If he doesnt summit he will never live it down, despite myself not being able to climb a 6ft wall
4. Fail -and I get unlimited use of chalet and his pocket rockets

All best Dovesy

Chantal said...

Chris - very best of luck. Will be thinking of you lots. Please do as you are told (for once!) - it's OK not to get to the top!

Anne P Smith said...

Good luck. Hope you have acclimatised by now and not too bored sitting around! Take great care because I want to keep my heir safe and sound despite having a spare!! Lots love from us both
MUM and Tony